Sunday, November 4, 2012

We are still alive!!!

Holy cow!!  I knew it had been a loooong time since I have posted on our family blog but I didn't realize it is going on 9 months!!  What has happened since Alivia was 5 months that she is 14 months old......I don't even know where to start!! 

For starters, Miss Alivia continues to keep us on our toes and never ceases to amaze me how incredible she is!  Walking, running, chatting, saying select words "Mommy, Daddy, Puppy, Thank you, Football, Touchdown, Hiiiiii" just to name a few of the popular ones.  Of course she continues to be the center of our universe!!  I knew there would be so many feelings after having a child but never would I have imagined the depth of those feelings!  She has turned into quite the showboat and loves to show off for some but is still very shy with others.  Daddy is already worried because she seems to "warm up" the fastest with males and flirty : ) 

Our spring and summer kept us very busy (obviously)!  Daddy did lots of racing this year in which we made it to a few of.  We went boating with Aunt Jenny and Uncle Brandon a few times.  We made our first trip to the zoo and Adventureland with Nana and Papa and Ashleigh.  We visited the Jaschens a couple of times, one being for Miss Mia's 2 1/2 birthday.  We had Brylee's 3rd birthday party.  We visited Great Grandma and Great Grandpa for dinner for Father's Day.  We took a trip to Liv's first Circus with friends Nick and Sabrina and Brylee Cox.  And that, in a very quick trimmed version of the busy summer, we started fall out with a trip to Howell's Pumpkin Patch with Aunt Sarah, Uncle Zach and Cousin Colten and several ISU football games with Aunt Jenny, Uncle Brandon, Cousin Brady and "Aunt" Allison.  Alivia went trick or treating for the first time this year dressed as our little monkey (her favorite animal right now and likes to walk around making the monkey noise).  And now here we are nearing the end of fall already and closer and closer to winter and the holidays!!

Jay and I are taking our first "real" trip for a whole week without our girl next weekend!  We are finding this very bittersweet.  We look forward to the time together to focus on our relationship that could use some personal attention but are sad to think of leaving our girl.  We know that she will be taken care of by Nana and Papa and Grandma and Grandpa; we know that they all raised children, we know that she will be safe and just fine....but that doesn't stop the anxiety and nervousness and sadness that is felt in leaving her for so long!  I struggle with less than 24 hours away, I am not sure how I will handle 7 days.  But we will make the best of it and hope to enjoy ourselves to the fullest.  We are taking this trip with friends Nick and Sabrina and their friends Kelly and Jess Williams, a combination anniversary trip.  We leave on the 10th and return the 16th in which we will then be in Thanksgiving week!  Holy smokes time flies!!  Then there will be the holidays wizzing by and then a new year all over again!!  Sheesh!  Can we freeze things for just a bit?!?

I know I have been terrible about updating this with full time job (+ some trying to get caught up from being short handed and taking on a new management role as Senior Acccountant) then the full time job at home; there is just never enough time in the day.  I always wish there were more hours in the day but then I would inevitably just find more things to fill those hours!  There is always something that needs my attention but I always find a reason to give it to my daughter instead and other things get pushed aside : )

This was a very quick and jumbled overview of the last 9 months and I know that I missed something but hopefully we can update more often but in the event that we get through the holidays without another update, I hope that all of my friends and family have a safe and wonderful Holidays!  And wish our friends, the Jermiers, so much luck and happiness in awaiting their new addition to their family! 

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